May Arts - Back to The Beach! Jewelry

 I wanted to make some jewelry using some of the ribbons from May Arts . Here are two bracelets I came up with today. Hope you like them. 

 here I used some of beadalon memory wire and some german wire -
1. strung the ribbon on the memory wire along with some pearls until all the wire was covered with ribbon and pearls.
2. used two open end crimps at the ends of the wire and ribbon using my pliers I closed the crimps.
3. took some of the german wire 20 g. and strung some pearls at the end a shell and turned them into dangles added to the crimps - one on each end of the wire, bracelet done and ready to wear.
Here is the finished bracelet all ready to wear - it is really light and you hardly feel it when it's on.

I gathered all these items to see what I would come up with; recycled jeans, piece of a white blouse, May Arts ribbon, fabric tac, white velcro, some assorted pearls and shells and my favorite scissors - well  I did not use the white fabric after all - see the finished  bracelet below. 

(1)Here I show one of the two pieces I cut off the jeans I recycled - made some fringe for fun

(2) here are the two pieces of recycled denim and the ribbon  all ready for the glue - I did  fringed the other piece for the back of the bracelet. 

(3) Here is the glue all ready to go on the back of the denim that has the ribbon already glued in place now is time to glue the back side of the bracelet- Used Fabric Tac to glue all the fabrics together - later I will glue the white velcro to the ends of the bracelet using the same glue.

(4) Here you see I used Aleen's Fabric Fusion glue to glue some  light pink pearls, some shells to the front of the bracelet

(5) Here is the finished bracelet - now I will leave it overnight to make sure the glue dries and everything stays in place 

Here is a top view of the bracelet/cuff - can't wait to wear this. 

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