Friday, July 1, 2011


So last night I went up to my craft room and was not sure what to work on - I had been working with polymer clay for last couple of days and had all my materials on the table - decided to play with some alcohol inks on a luthrador sheet - finish coloring and well was not sure what to do with it, so I looked and looked around trying to see what I would really love to make.

I noticed the blank white plastic headbands I got from Michaels - saw all the pieces of denim from the pants I cut into shorts for my daughter - so I decided to make some headbands - days earlier I had covered one this headbands with dark blue denim in a patch form and left it alone not sure what to do with it next - well I decided to take the white denim and used some therm o web glue dots cut it up and added to the headband underneath - them used the hi temp glue gun and glue and started gluing the white denim as a wrapped it around the plastic headband

Well I decided once I was done wrapping to make a flower out of denim - I used white and light blue denim to make the flower - I fringed all the denim I used - because I love fringe on denim. when I was done with the flower - I decide to use all the strings I pulled out to make the fringe - took some fabric fusion glue and applied directly to the headband and just added the string on top of the glue - sadly found out I ran out of fabric fusion so I took out my beacon's fabric glue and finished adding the string.

Now it needed something else so I went and found my tulip's soft fabric paint - use the white and the blue glitter paint and just dabbed it all over  the strings on headband and flower - it helped to secure the strings i had just glued on the headband. this headband came out really pretty - looks amazing on! Love crafting this way - not knowing what and how but just knowing that I will end up with a project I love! hope you enjoy the pictures - here you can't really see all the glittery effect - but it sure looks great on and feels good too -
will be making a few more using denim in different
ways cause I don't like to duplicate my work - thinking I might color the strings before I use them to add more color - will have to wait and see what i come up with over the weekend - now I know what I'll be making.

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