Blue Denim Patch Headband

So last night after making the white and light blue denim headband, I took the one I had done days before - for this one I took pieces of dark blue denim from some pants I cut into shorts - not for me but for my daughter. I fringed all the sides of each piece of denim- did I mentioned I love fringed denim? well I do!

I had bought some pretty fabrics from Joann's last weekend and one was a sheer fabric with white little tiny glass beads - the color is somewhat like a coral - cantaloupe color- I just loved the fabric so I bought it - anyhow I had cut up a lot of this fabric to make petals - so I cut up some strips and burnt the edges to prevent fringe- not sure what I would use these strips for later, but I figure I would find a good use for them.

So any how I took the denim covered headband and looked at the sheer strips of fabric - started making a flower out the fabric using the hi temp hot glue - placed it on the headband - liked the color combination so I decided to glue it on the headband - added some more sheer fabric above and below the flower I had just glued to the headband

When done I took some tulip soft glitter pain in blue and added a bit of paint here and there, - and well - what can I say I loved the end result - a nice and pretty headband.

So all in all I made two denim covered headbands last night while the storm was happening - it was scary loud and so much lightning it looked more like fireworks, I have two walls in my room with nothing but windows so I could really see all lightning - my cat jumped on one of the windows to look outside - guess she liked all the lights.

Great evening I got to use some recycled good denim fabric and came up  with these two great headbands.

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