Here is a picture of the first coupon & receipt wallets I make using only duck tape. the one standing was my first one - it fits inside my wallet without even trying -see I got tired of having my store receipts all over my purse - so I made this to help me keep my purse and wallet free of all those receipts that make it so hard to look for other things in my purse.......

here are the supplies I used to make these wallets
1. self healing cutting mat
2. Westcott's cutting knife
3. Westcott's non-stick titanium scissors
4. Duck tape - different colors & designs
5. Velcro strips (missing in picture)
In this picture you can see the first steps to making the wallet - I chose black for the outside and hot pink for the inside - I cut out as many strips of duck tape I needed for the inside and the outside made two sheets - the black had to be a bit longer on two sides so I can fold it like it shows on the third picture - this gives your wallet a finished edge (these will be the edge of the flap and the wallet)
Here you can see the next step was to add the decorative Duck Tape to the sides of the wallet so I can close it up - I added the tape on the outside - both sides - you can see where I cut on the corners so I could remove the tape not needed and be able to fold the ends prior to folding the wallet to close the sides together.

In this picture you can see the sides folded together with the decorative Duck Tape - this is almost done

Here is a picture showing all three wallets completed - all decorated and showing some fun coupons inside them - once I add the velcro they will be able to stay closed  ( I ran out of velcro - have to get some more).  the standing one was my first one - it happened to fit inside my wallet which worked great for me - so I just made the others the same size.  This has kept my purse free of all the receipts that I get from shopping and my coupons in one place. 
Hope you enjoy these pictures and are able to make your own wallet -


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