"Hive's Creative Challenge" - Say it with a card! Celebrate with those you love!

I have to admit it's been years since last I made a lot of cards just because. Well I sold some and gave away some. I am going to send some of my cards to http://www.operationwritehome.org/
check them out on Facebook "Operation We R Grateful" - they have a contest but I want to help and give away some cards for our soldiers. So if you are into card making check them out - and give a little!

Hope you like my cards - these are the first I make - started this Tuesday evening and finished them last night - tonight I will we making some more.

Now I don't have type of die cutting machines (not in my budget right now) have like 3-4 sets of ink pads and just got some stamps form Martha Stewart(HSN)that I can't wait to use.

So far this is what I've managed to come up with - comments are so welcomed.
sometimes you don't have to say much to get your message across!

Just loved these two cute birds and a simple line " You light up my life" who wouldn't want to hear this? or in this case read it!

Just loved this cute little Owl - the white area I added to give you a little space to add something else! these are like note cards!

a little space just to let you add something else to this note card.

It's great when you can tell someone what this card already says!

my first attempt at stamping with different colors at the same time - this I will keep!

Love how all these quotes just happen to work out well together, sometimes is best when you don't plan the outcome - it happens on it's own.

I did not take a picture of the inside - forgot I was supposed to leave it totally blank so now I can't submit - will have to sell it at the fair.

this is a different type of card - the space I left blank above is so you can place the picture of your favorite kitty!

another card that came to be what it is on it's own - love to craft with a blank mind - I always like the outcome -looks better in person and this I left blank so I will be submitting.

Now I can't wait to get home tonight so I can go crazy making cards, will have to make some flowers to use - cutting by hand sure is hard when you see all those wonderful cutting machines, but well at least I have a lot of westcott's scissors  to use and a few of Martha's punches.
Hope you like my cards!

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