Red Duck Tape Rose Ring!

 I started working with duck tape since March of this year.  It has been fun making different types of projects with this product.  I've had the most fun making flowers out of it - I have used these flowers to decorate headbands, hair clips, purses/wallets that are made out of duck tape too.  Well this past weekend I decided to make a flower small enough to make a ring with it - and so I did.  Below are pictures of the finished ring, as well as a few steps of how-to make one and a list of products I used - I hope you like this, I sure had a lot of fun making it and it's my first of many jewelry items that I will make using duck tape.

Here is the finished ring!

Now here is a list of the first items I used to make this flower ring, below you will see what else I end up using to finish this ring.

1. Red duck tape sheet
2. Friskars cutting mat
3. Westcott's cutting knife
4. Ad Tech glue gun and high temp glue sticks
5. Black metal ring base (don't have brand name)

Here are a few pictures showing the steps I used to make this ring.

 1. I cut two strips of the tape - you can see the size here - I didn't want a really big flower, so I only used two strips of duck tape.

2. I fold the tape leaving a small area of the glue exposed so that I can make my flower

3.  Here you can see I start by folding the edge of the tape into a triangle - this will be for the center of the rose , below you can see how I begin to roll the tape to make the center, once I like the center I continue to roll the tape around the center but now I make pleats as I go along, this will give my rose it's shape.  Once I finished the first strip, I take the next strip of duck tape and just continue were I stopped and keep rolling and pleating, until the tape is done.

(this is how the rose looks with just one strip of duck tape used)

(here is the rose completed after using both strips of the duck tape )

4.  Here I used the hot glue to add the flower to the ring , I noticed that you can see some of the glue side of the duck tape, it had to get fixed, don't like the white glue area showing on my flowers. 

(here is another view of the ring)

5. I decided to use Tulip's Soft Glitter paint - in red - took one of my paint brushes and   added the red glitter paint to all the areas that showed the glue part of the duck tape - I did add more glitter to the tape itself - a little sparkle would be nice below are two pictures that show the finished piece, now to make a set of jewelry using duck tape to go along with this ring.

This is my finished Red Duck Tape Ring with glitter-

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