Soda Flower's - good for Earth

I've been wanting to make some flowers our of soda cans - but had been putting it off, over and over again.  Well I finally decided to make some- We don't drink a lot of pop at home - I never do- and I limit what the kids drink at home and when we all go out to eat.  We had some take out and the dinners came with a drink - usually I get all water bottles, this time I got 3 cans and one bottle of water so I washed and dried the cans and then decided to cut out flowers free hand.  I used my favorite scissors - Westcott's titanium non-stick scissors (used the little ones) also used their cutting knife - used some pliers and wire - I didn't want to use
any type of glue .

This first picture shows all the flowers I was able to cut out of three soda cans. After cutting the flowers out in one piece - I noticed there were a lot of big pieces of the can still left so I cut out small oval like shapes to see what I would do with them. Here you see the wire and pliers I used.

These are the final flowers - I left them on wire because I am not sure how these will end up in my yard - they might be added to sticks (wood dowel) or just go on the metal railings, in which case I will just wrapped the wire on the railing and job done. I might end up making some flower pots with these - using glass marbles to keep in place - will never need water! and will never die!

Hope you like these - I like them and can't wait to try and make bigger ones- maybe a vine of flowers would look nice - enjoy!


  1. Oh how fun! What an awesome lawn ornament not to mention a way to upcycle! Glass gems are the way to go I use them in all my arrangements ;) Although I really like the vine idea...maybe you could stick them in an old hose...possibilities are endless! Love LOVE LOVE your creativity!


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