A Bundle of Joy!

So I decided to try and make a photo album for a baby! this is my very first attempt and since I noticed that everything I do is for "girls" only, had to make this for a boy - there are no photos because it's a demo - I want to make books like this one - of course different in every way except in the fact that it will be a book!  I wanted to make this one in the shape of a baby bib! each page is double and has areas where to add photos and places to journal each page has a decorative edge as you can well see below.  Did some stamping and distressing with ink pads, used different colors of ribbons and sizes.

My goal is to make this type of book for all occasions, events, holidays.  It does require a lot of work and a lot of time.  I would have to say these books will have to be special orders - I had a hard time doing each page simply because I had no pictures or theme to follow - simply the fact it is for a new arrival.  It's new to me and like everything else I create, I love it.  Hope you enjoy my project - I certainly enjoyed making it.

This is the final project - 

Now take a look at the inside pages - each is different - lots of embellishments

Posted by Picasathis is the back of the book.  There are a total of 12 pages in this book with lots of room for pictures and journal spaces to write all those wonderful little things that mean so much as the baby grows.


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