Decoupage Rose Fabric Pen

I like to decoupage- so I try it on everything from wood to plastic to glass to just abut anything.  I made a pen for my sister it was covered with fabric - it was white with flowers outlined in black so I gave it color by using glitter mist - not sure the name but it looked like a pretty rose color, then I used Martha's new glitter paint - Well below you will see the steps and a brief description of how I did my sister's pen which is just like the one in this post.
Now I could type the material names but figure the photo would be better, not shown on this photo is the heat gun  I used to dry the fabric faster after the  paint and modge podge was used

So here is the piece of fabric all ready - used the glitter mist, the glitter paint and the heat gun to dry it up fast. 

Here you can see I covered the pen with lots of fabric mod podge I did add some to the fabric too, and  after I rolled the pen on the fabric - I  cut the left over fabric off - 

here is the pen all covered with the fabric, now you can see I did not cover all the way to the tip - because I want to be able to use the cap - or the person getting the pen, so she can cover it when not in use.

Now I could have used the fabric mod podge to seal the fabric- but decided to use dimensional magic instead - it would seal it and make it shiny - here it already has the magic on the fabric - as you can see it does look shiny, now it's ready for the final embellishment - the wire and the beads

I took Aleen's super gel brush-on adhesive and brushed it around the exposed top of the pen,  then took the red wire and wrapped it around twice, now all I have to do is string several of the pink and red beads you see in the photo

Here is the final result - all the beads are strung and wrapped around the top of the pen - now it just has to dry and  is ready to go to it's new owner - this will be a late Christmas present for a friend.  Now I have more fabric left so I just might make a few more in different colors. 


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