A friend asked me to make her a mask for a fund raising event and the theme is mardi gras - so this past weekend we had a pretty bad storm on Friday- so I decided to make the mask, well once just wasn't enough, so I made a total of six.  I decided to use sequins in different colors, mod podge, hot glue, mardi gras bead necklaces, some gems I had on hand, and some paper. I did painted one - but after I used the mod podge glimmer in gold - it covered the paint - it was my first time using this new mod podge product - it was ok, no problem there, now I know that it actually looks like paint when it dries - unlike the other mod podge products that dry clear.

There were no patterns to follow, just did whatever came to mind at the moment, now I liked the end result on all the masks, but my favorites are the ones I used the white paper with black felt flowers.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, this is the first time making these type of masks, and have to admit it was fun to just go free and make whatever came to my mind - this is how I love to create - to just let my creativity come out as I go step by step.  It is risky because you might not like the end result and sometimes you can't undo your work, was lucky this was not the case this time.

here is the mask, I did cut the eyes a bit more - they were too small

This mask was painted first - took like two coats of  plaids paint.

Here I glued all the sequins using mod podge  and afterwards, I used the mod podge sparkle at the end  over the entire mask, to secure the sequins and make the purple paint sparkly.

Now here is the final mask, all done and ready to wear! 

Products used:
Hot glue & gun
Feathers in different colors
Mod podge products (new gold mod podge was used too)
Gems, assorted colors and shapes

Here is another mask, this one I mod podge white paper with black felt flowers first.

For this mask I used all three mod podge products, regular, sparkle and gold!

These are the Six masquerade masks I made over the weekend.   Do leave me a comment telling me what you think.

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