Masquerading around!

Here is the blank Mask I started with (three in  a pack) I did cut the
eyes out a bit more because they  were way too small, I was not able to see so had to adjust just enough.

- first step: paint the entire front of the mask, did about two coats
-second step : painted the entire mask with pink glitter paint you see here

-third step: used gloss mod podge to adhere the sequins one by one to the front of the mask - used black, silver and purple sequins, once the podge dried I went over the entire mask once again with the mod podge to make sure all sequins don't fall off  and to seal the paints used.

Final step:  used hot glue to adhere all the feathers and gems used to complete the mask - sure wish I had  the hot glue helpers - sure burned my fingers way too many times.  

Here is a picture of the other products used, besides the paints and the  mask. 

Here is another mask I made - here you can see the paints I used for this mask
step 1 - paint mask as desired

Here you can see I added all the sequins and used the Shimmer in gold to adhere all sequins, since it was the first time using this mod podge product did not know it would cover the color of the sequins in gold, so I had to remove
all the black and red sequins and use the glossy mod podge to redo the bottom part of the mask.
Once dried, I went over the entire mask with the sparkle mod podge to add glittery effect.
Now here is the final mask - used hot glue to add all the feathers and all the gems in different colors , shapes and size.

Here is  a picture of the products I used to make this mask 
This shows the other mod podge products I had to use to  finish this mask - I did not use the silver sequins for this mask. I only used black, gold and red. 

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