Mod Podging Around!

So I wanted to share other projects I have done in the past using wood frames, acrylic & glitter paint by Plaid; sequins, paper, glitter, Quick Snippers and mod podge. 

Now I am not or have I ever used the sequins that come all strung together, the ones I use are all lose and have tons and tons of these in different colors. So I decided to use them on these frames, now how long it took, who knows, all I know is it was a really long time, and it actually helped me to relax.

I didn't do any sketches, once I started it all just took shape on it's own.  I Love each of these frames, but my two favorites are the multi color with different designs, and of course the one I made for my daughter's picture of her sweet 15th bday.  
this is the "NICOLE" frame - I first painted it all in pink and used glitter while the paint was wet around the heart leaving enough space to add sequins to the border of the heart, I mod podge each sequin at a time.  trying to keep the pattern was a bit of a challenge - this frame is in my office! 

here is the "SUNSHINE" frame - all painted in yellow - then used three different colors of sequins  that were individually  mod podge to the frame

this frame "ARTSY" was first painted all in white - then took different tones of pink and purple paint,  and then made designs using different colors of sequins again glued with the mod podge

"Blue for You" frame - a light blue paint used and then three different colors of sequins were used 

here is another frame I painted all white then just added different colors of sequins in different patterns,  so I decided to call this frame "DIRECTIONS"

I have added two other frames that are my favorites, these two are "butterfly in flight" and the "Family Memories"; these are done using papers, the butterfly one I also used the foil you get with your take out mexican dinners that is used to wrap the tortillas or "shells". I punched out flowers out of this foil so it is a partly recycled project.  

Now Limiri LLC came out with this great tool called Quick Snippers, it has six scissors, each has a different design, and I used this tool to cut out all the papers I used on these two frames - you can see the edges of the papers, it shows the designs you get from this tool, which I think is great because is like carrying 6 tools in one. , now all I used to glue all the materials to the painted frames was nothing more then mod podge. Take a look, hope you like these as much as I do.

This frame was painted using plaids acrylic and glitter paint - the big flowers on top were part of the  paper used on this frame - I cut them out, all the other paper shapes were cut using Quick Snippers and also used some other scrap booking embellishments, also some tulip metal rounds and gems.  All materials were glued using mod podge glossy.

This frame is I say a bit bigger then 8X10 - love this orange color, you can see all the punched flowers out of paper and foil - used some small yellow beads in the centers - and then if you look close you will see that I cut different colors of papers into mall pieces with the Quick Snippers, every single little color dot around the outer edge is a tiny piece of paper kind a hard to see the design on these tiny papers everything was glued in place using mod podge glossy, except for the butterfly - I used hot glue. I had to add some orange small beads to the inner circle border of the frame - I did use the same paper to make a backing for the photo in the center - this frame looks awesome on my living room wall


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