New jewelry - New product! So many possibilities!

I started using a molding compound known as , Apoxie® Sculpt, 2-part epoxy.  It comes in different colors and a while ago I ordered the black one. I ordered from and I liked the results of my first few projects so I ordered a pack of different colors, that I can't wait to get.  This is such and easy product to use - I wish I had started using it when I first order it - but since I'm always working on other projects , I left this alone for too long.  My goal is to make my own rings from this material alone.  I also ordered Swarovski crystal rhinestones in different colors and sizes so I can bling my rings! LOL

Here are pictures of the three rings I've done so far and I also made a pendant - these are all free form made, had no idea what I was going to make when I started to work on these and well these are the final results - I LOVE, LOVE wearing my rings, you can see the sparkle of the beads I used even in the dark.  These pictures are not as clear as I would like them to be - but I will be retaking the pictures later on. I see so many different types of possibilities using this product, that I can hardly wait for my order to arrive. 

this has black beads in the center and on the rest of the ring I used tinsel glitter - dimensional magic was added to secure the glitter - used black apoxie sculpt to make this ring shape.

this ring was shaped with apoxie sculpt in black - just added the blue beads and once dried it was ready to wear (it takes three hours to cure - but I leave them overnight) 

this was actually my first ring - is much smaller but it has a dome shape - I had some white swarovski flat back crystals that I used and then filled the rest with multi color seed beads. 

here is my first attempt to making a pendant using this 2-part epoxy, just added  all different types  of beads and strung some to some head pins that are on the bottom - this is ready for a chord or chain and it's ready to wear, no glue was used  to hold these beads or any of the ones used on the rings - just the apoxie sculpt. 

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