Ring of Hearts!

Well finally got my shipment from Fire Mountain Gems.  I didn't pay attention to the size of the swarovski rhinestones I ordered, but turns out they were the perfect size for the ring I got.   Here is a picture of all the materials I used for this ring. 
These is everything I used to make my ring

Here is a closeup of the rhinestones and the ring blank

Here is a picture of the apoxie - I used the white and the black - this is a two part so you have to use equal amounts of the colored apoxy and the gray - you mix them together until you no longer see the gray - otherwise it will not work.

Here is part of the video I made to show how I made this ring using these 2 part apoxie, figure it would be easier to show, than typing the instructions.  The rest of the video is going on my youtube channel.

12 Hours later this is the finished ring, now this is the first ring I make using this blank ring and these incredibly tiny, tiny rhinestones, now I have no problem looking at things from close, but I almost went blind trying to place the black ones on the black apoxie - I'm not 100% happy because I can see the white apoxie but as little as these rhinestones are, I guess I needed some smaller ones, for a couple of the hearts.  Next time I will order different ring blanks like with no design on them, it would be easier and not hurt my eyes. LOL it was fun and I love wearing my ring. 


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