Rings, rings, rings......

 RINGS, RINGS, RINGS........ you just can't have too many rings, not ever!!!!
I LOVE making jewelry- and I love big Rings, specially if they have crystals - or should I say if I use crystals.  Above is a picture of the last rings I've done. I've done rings using wire, nylon thread, and now using Plaids ring findings, and Apoxie Sculpt.   Below I will add a couple of pictures showing all the materials used to make these rings. 

Now as you can see, all I needed to make the ring was the apoxie, the crystals and Plaids silver ring finding, now since I used the clear crystals, I used the gray apoxie, I didn't like how the gray looked against all the sparkle from the crystals - so I used Tim's silver and with a blotter brush I brushed all the exposed apoxie on the ring, now it is silvery sparkly and LOVE wearing it - specially on a sunny day - you can see all the glittery lights just floating around. 

Here is how the ring looked after the apoxie dried (picture above)- you can see the gray against the crystals - it just needed some shine! so we will call this the before picture....

Now here, look at the after picture! - it's all silvery and glittery!  now to make sure the silver would stay on, I used Mod Podge's  "Dimenional Magic" now this is a ring I  will be wearing a lot! thinking matching earrings are going to be needed, maybe some beads for a bracelet - yes I will make some beads out of apoxie to make the earrings and bracelet - no baking needed when you work with this product - 

Here is a picture of a ring I made using the same products, just different color of apoxie, I did use a copper color, not happy about it so I colored it gold to match the crystals.

Here is a picture showing the dried apoxie ring - you can see the original copper like color and you can see as I added the gold paint on one side of the  ring - I had added dimensional magic to the ring - you can see the glossy look of the ring, so I painted over it.

Now here is the final gold tone ring, I went ahead and added more dimensional magic after the paint dried.  I like this much better!

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