Creating on Wood!

I do love making jewelry, along with paper crafting, and sewing, and lots of other stuff, but I started by drawing - as  a kid and in HS, I loved to draw and paint. I love the fact that I can still do this but in different ways.  I don't do oil, water or chalk paintings any more - not because I don't like them but because I did these back when I was in HS a lot, and now I like to paint in different ways.  I love painting on everything I can paint on, including my sweat pants! LOL my daughter hates it when I wear these out on public.

This is one of my most recent works - here is a wood frame that I colored using Tim Holt's alcohol Inks and perfect pearls - then I used paper products, and butterflies to finish it 
This wood frame was painted using Plaids and Tim Holts products and paper products from DCWV.  I made this last year and sold at an art fair.

Now lets go back a few years back and take a look at what I've done before. These photos are from some of the projects I have done - I have a lot more- but it would not be a good idea to put them all up (LOL).  I love painting on fabric, paper, wood, clay, metal, well guess anything that I can get my hands on.

Here you can see some wood frames, I painted and even  mod podge lots of sequins on  for  sparkle!

The wood boxes, some were just painted  by using acrylic paints, on others I burned the images and then painted them.

The serving trays you see here,  it's three of them, I painted, burned images and used sequins and flowers and beads.

The last photo with the rose is a wood box I turned into a jewelry box it was a special gift for one of my daughter's friends. I burned all the designs and then colored the rose.

I hope you like these projects, and feel free to leave any comments.


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