Crocheting around, my way!

I just wanted to go back a little and show some of the works I have done in the past and where I'm at today.  Now I love working with different mediums.  I've seen some amazing works on blogs, on-line and even on FB that inspire me to go in a totally new direction to what I'm used to making, this is going to take some time, because it is not easy for me step outside the line and say it's ok, there are no lines, no rules, just let it all be what it wants to be.

I do some crocheting, I have in the past made the scarfs, hats, even sweaters, but I'm not there anymore, don't get me wrong, I love these- I've seen some amazingly creative crocheting on-line, but I just want to make jewelry with it - so here are a few items I've done using a crochet hook and yarn.

If you start from the top left - I used two types of yarn, yet you only see the green -  this is a really pretty bracelet and  the best part is that the beads are small and light so when you wear it it's so light you forget about it - next to it is one I used buttons instead of beads.

Now moving down below you first see a very simple chain stitch with just a couple of beads, then is the brown one - done with nothing but swarovsky components.  the silver/gray and black that follow - these look great together, here you see how each looks on its own, then when they are worn together, the one with the round disks, also has a small beaded chain that was stitched on after it was done.

Now when you get to the bottom  I used different yarns to make these water bottle bracelets - yes the base of each bracelet is made out of water bottles to help the bracelets keep their shape.

Now the last photo you see here are some polymer clay beads I made using sculpey ultra light clay in white, and all the color you see on the beads is from using different types and colors of yarn.  It was my first time trying this coloring technique and I just loved the effect and colors - I made a lot of these and came up with some really cool jewelry.

Just wanted to share how I see crocheting, this is what works for me, and can't wait to try something else with it, like making some photo frames - and using colored yarn instead of paints.   think I know what I'm going to make next.   Hope you like these projects and please feel free to leave me any comments.  


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