Friday, February 17, 2012

Midnight Masquerade Dance!

Midnight Masquerade Dance!

Now this is what I like to do, help out by doing something creative.  I like helping out but my full time job is  out of state so my commuting hours are crazy.  So anyhow, I made 18 masks in three evenings, (1) I first painted all the masks (2) I mod podge all the sequins to all masks (day 3) I added all the gems, and feathers  it was a combined total of 11 hours.   Each is unique, no two are exactly alike.  I hope the school gets to sell them all, and the kids enjoy wearing them at the dance.

Here are some of the materials used - missing is the hot glue sticks /gun used to glue the feathers and gems

here are a few of the masks - after paint was applied, I used  plaids  products, apple barrel, extreme glitter, and the Martha's new  paints
On this photo you can see I started to add the sequins by using mod podge (gloss), once the sequins were secured I sealed each with mod podge, either gloss or sparkle.

Here are some of the 18 completed masks, the time is wrong on this photo it was 1am when i finished, so I left them over night to dry out completely.

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