Bird of Freedom

Over six years ago I started painting on wood - I got some serving trays from Michaels stores and made three different projects - loved all three and had many people that wanted to buy them but I refused to sell them.  Well two years ago I took them to an art fair where I was selling some of my work.  I had made two more - all different and well it just so happened that I sold all but one- this was sold and I do miss it hanging on my wall.

I get attached to a lot of my work, some more than others, this one took a long time  first I just painted the bird and the tray, then later I went back and added all the embellishments, then last I added resin to the design to protect it, and well now it can hang or can be used as a tray.

Just wanted to share one of my earlier works.  I need to get back to painting soon.  I just need to find more time in a day.  Hope you like my project, feel free to leave a comment.

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