Poly Bird necklace

So one day I decided to play around with different colors of polymer clay and make all sort of beads - different sizes and different shapes and well different designs/colors - now this is what I do at times, just make beads and charms out of clay for future use.  So on another day I set out to create some jewelry with the beads I had made earlier.  I made all sort of items, from earrings, to bracelets, rings and necklaces.  This one if a favorite because I used a bead I made into the shape of a little bird - I use this bird in some of my sketches and decided to make it out of of clay - so here is the finished necklace - hope you like it, I know I do!
this is Poly Bird Necklace

here are some more beads waiting to be strung

and here are some more - since I liked my birdie bead - I'm going to make some more to use on  other jewelry items.

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