My own jewelry - my own beads and someone else's Jeans.

I love making jewelry and try to always include some recycling into what I make.  Now I work with polymer clay, all different brands, too many to name them all.

I've been making my own beads out of polymer clay and even these I've gone as far as coloring with different materials, yes materials not paints. I get to play around and see what happens when I'm done.

So a friend of mine gave me a lot of jeans to recycle in my crafts.  I've done headbands, purses and now jewelry, here you can see two bracelets, a cuff and some rings I made using denim from the jeans, beads that I made out of polymer clay, some glass beads and metal charms I had, I believe I used fabric fusion for the cuff and the rings.  I hope you like these, I know I love wearing them and even more, I love all the comments I get.
Braided recycled denim bracelet with silver and black chain and my own polymer clay beads

These are  beads I made using Sculpey UltraLight Clay, and used threads from jeans and different yarns I had on hand to add color to the beads, the purpose of using these recycled materials was to add color without the use of paints. 

A macrame style bracelet made using my clay beads, assorted beads and crystals strung on black chord 
This bracelet was made using memory wire, assorted beads and charms at the end of the looped wire I added some of the fibers used to color the beads.

A recycled denim cuff used fibers and my own white polymer clay beads colored with fibers, added  yarn, and glass beads with a metal butterfly charm.  used a snap for closer (sewn)

Here is a view of how the cuff looks when worn. 

Here are my recycled denim crafter rings - used fabric fusion to adhere all the little charms and beads.

A bracelet done from the trim of a pair of recycled jeans, beads strung on wire and  hand stitched to the debim. 

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