Polka Dot Jewelry

So I made a stop at Hobby Lobby one day and looking for white ribbon spools and found a nice white polka dot ribbon, and then a black and well there were lots of different colors. Well I did get the white ribbon I originally was looking for; these polka dot were extra and just got them because they are pretty and are my favorite two colors.

The first photo shows a set I designed exclusively for LIMIRI, LLC. 

Here is a set of cuff and ring, made out of paper (paper was cut using Quick Snippers) white and black polka dot fabric ribbons and beads, made exclusively for LIMIRI, LLC

I was making some jewelry and decided to turn to the polka dotted ribbons and well I like them as they are, since they are already glittered, I didn't want to add any beads or crystals.  These earrings are as light as feathers. I decided to cut out the dots only, by leaving a little of the sheer fabric to keep the dots all in one piece. 

Here I used the black polka dot ribbon cut out some circles and adhered to a blue round  sequin  added a black earring wire and done. 

These earrings are a combination of black and white polka dotted ribbon, I did add a bit more of mod podge sparkle to the black sequin and the fabric polka dots.

For the earrings I used the round sequins in place of jump rings.  It just seemed a better fit for these two sets. 
It's always fun to make jewelry out of other elements besides beads and wire.  Hope you all like these. 

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