Quick Snippers®

I design paper jewelry for LIMIRI, LLC by using their Quick Snippers® tool.  When I was asked to create jewelry by using paper as the main component, I was like how??? would I be able to do this.  Now I love crafting challenges and this sure was one, I have done jewelry using all other materials but not with paper, and I am not talking about paper beads.  Well I can honestly say that I am loving the concept of making paper jewelry, it has made me step out of what I was doing before.  

As for this great tool, I love the fact that I have six tools at hand.  That I can carry with me to the office or anywhere else I know I will make time to do a bit of paper crafting.  I use this tool any time I want to use paper in a project with a decorative edge. 

Check out some of the designs that I have created for LIMIRI, LLC .
A metal cuff covered with ribbon, and the flower is all paper with crystals added in the center, the ring is  made the same way as the cuff.

These and the cuff and ring on the other photo are part of a set - here you see the paper was used to make the main design of the necklace and earrings.

This can be used as a bracelet or anklet  - several flowers made out of paper in the center are headpins with crystal beads attached to the chain.

A necklace  made using paper, beads and feathers

A full set necklace, earrings and cuff all made from paper and ribbon
All these papers were cut using Quick Snippers®, a perfect tool for any paper crafting project and for the traveling crafter. 

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