Blue Jeans Ring!!!

I love making jewelry, I love creating with different products, I guess I have a creative addiction for which there is no cure! I love to wear jewelry and even more when I know is something I made, because I know I will not run into anyone, anywhere wearing the same thing I have.  I discovered duct tape for crafting over a year ago, ever since I have been using it for many things. From wallets to flowers, to using it to make a holiday card instead of using paper, also to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  Today I want to share the latest ring I've created -

I love how this ring looks on!!!  The smaller the flower the harder it  is to make, but I enjoy the challenge, specially when  it comes out the way I want it.

I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to adhere the ring to the ring base -  testing to see how good it holds - but might end up using hot glue just to make sure it stays on ( I already know the hot glue works great)

Now here is a top view of the ring - you can see all the layers - I'm loving this ring - time to make lots more to sell and to keep some for me of course!!!  I was going to paint on the  white edge but to me it looks like them old worn jeans that are so comfy to wear!

Materials used:
The Duck Brand duct tape - Blue Jeans Denim color tape
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (as glue)
Three iridescent crystal beads (two sizes)
Plaids ring blank in silver
Westcott's non-stick titanium scissors

Duct tape is no longer just for handy repairs, now you can wear it too!!!! My dad was right when he said years ago, the there was nothing you couldn't do with his favorite silver duct tape!!! He got a kick out of watching me make flowers with duct Duck tape.

Lots more duct duck tape jewelry to come - 


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