Macrame jewelry

Black beauty - this is my favorite - love the twist and how these crystal beads sparkle - 
 I decided to go back and do some simple macrame jewelry - I did this type of beading quite a few years back and decided to get back to it again.   I've done some for my daughter using hemp cords in different colors.   I like to play with how the beads get placed.  Here are pictures of some of the bracelets I've done in the last two weeks.  Last night I decided to make one with an imitation leather cord from Darice and another with silk cord and gold wire from Beadalon, for this two I used swarovski crystals and crystal beads, these are my favorite and are for me.  Feel free to drop a comment.
I decided to use the silk cord as the base and use one of Beadalon's gold wire to wrap the swarovski crystals around the silk cord, these and the bracelet on top are mine to enjoy!!!

this bracelet can be wrapped around more than once on the wrist or ankle or can be worn around the neck.


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