Giving, we all can do this.

So I decided to volunteer with Charity Wings for the summer CHA show in Chicago.  They were working to raise funds for A Place To Bark.  I love animals and I feel they should be treated with respect, they have feelings, I have two beautiful cats that are part of my family.  The way they cuddle up to you when you need some comfort, and yes I do talk to them, my kids thought I was becoming a crazy cat lady, but when they noticed how they understand, well they were very surprised. I've heard people talk about animals as if they have no feelings, as if they didn't matter, I say they do matter and they deserve to be loved and cared for.  I was glad to have been a part of this creative group of volunteers that work together to help other non-profit organizations help raise funds for different types of charity groups.

I have been creating different types of projects for over 12 years and had wanted for a long time to be able to do something in a creative way to help out.  I am glad to have found .  This world would be a better place if we all gave a hand to help others in need every now and then.

Live from CHA 2012


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