My Messenger Bag

A while back I purchased a mystery box from Crafty Chica there were lots of fun stuff and a couple of these blank messenger bags.  Back in July when I attended the CHA event in Chicago I won a nice box of Tulip products and thought it was perfect to get creative and therefore I decided to use some of my sketches and paint them one of the messenger bags.  This took me about a week's time because I worked on it after I got home from the office.  I used a lot of different Tulip's fabric paints, and fabric fusion glue, along with different types and colors of yarn, and I recycled a yellow and red t-shirt into yarn, also some sequins and acrylic gems.

I wanted to paint something inspirational, something that represents my heritage.  I went for bold colors, glitter paints and included some of my handmade fabric flowers.

Here are some photos showing the different sides of the bag, the only part not decorated was the inside.

Here is my messenger bag, with a few messages here and there.

top photo shows the front of the flap, once you flip this up it reveals the second photo and  the third photo shows the images on the back side of the bag. Here you can read the inspirational messages I decided to add. 

The images on the top are from the two sides of the bag, and the 2 bottom photos show what I did on the bottom of the bag and the strap which I first painted completely with a light rose glitter paint then I glued the t-shirt yarn both in yellow and red to add some designs and finally took the multi-color ribbon and glued to all the edges of the strap.

I hope you like my project, I put a lot of time and love to making something that represents my love for my culture.

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