“Core Cards Creative Frenzy”

Paper has become one multipurpose product in my crafting.  I like spending time creating fun cards for all occasions, making flowers, decorating wood frames, and making jewelry.  There are so many different types of papers out there, and this allows me to get more creative, to use it in as many different forms as possible, here are a few photos that show what I like to do with paper!!!

These are just a few of the cards I've done in the past two years. 

Each of these flowers were made from one sheet of paper - they are pretty big .

This is my first book - decided to make it for a new baby! the heart is made of recycled papers and the butterfly pin is made from Core'dinations papers, which I discovered when I made this interchangeable pin for Crafts Unleashed  as a guest blogger early this year

I love these and made about 20, I think I only have a couple left, the round is mine and is in my living room, all the different pieces of paper were hand cut and pieced in random patterns - just love it.  I've never done a page layout for photos like I see on-line, I decided I wanted to make frames like these instead, not that I'm never going to make layouts, because I'm already thinking on some designs.
I am working on making a frame that has room for more than one photo - very soon.

Well what can I say designing what I imagine, regardless of the type of project, is something I'm very passionate about, I have to like what I make and sometimes I like it to the point I will not part and keep for me to display in my home.

Please feel free to leave me a comment! Happy crafting


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