I was not sure what to make and well there is one thing I've been wanting to make for a while and decided why not now.  I make a lot of jewelry and  my daughter gets first pick all the time, I've done lots of jewelry boxes and these work great for bracelets and rings, but I wanted to make her something that will hold her earrings and without taking space from her dressers, so I decided to make an earring holder she can hang on the wall in her room, I might make her a smaller version with magnets that she might want to use in her school locker, if she wants me to.   Well below is a picture of the materials I used, not shown here is the red shoe lace I decided to use as hanger.

1. the lid from a shoe box - opened all the edges
2.  A piece of some window screen I had
3.  A roll of black and white duck tape
4. 2 sheets of duck tape
5.  Westcott's cutting tools
6. Westcott's non- stick cutting board
7. Glue gun and glue sticks
8. Pencil
 First thing I had to do after opening all the edges of the shoe box lid, I had to mark with a pencil the area I was going to cut off the lid , now the reason I opened the edges of the box instead of cutting them off, is that when I add the hot glue to attach the screen I will fold it over the screen so it will hold the wire.

So next I cut the sheet of duck tape into strips and wrapped around the front of the frame as you can see below

Once done adding the duck tape to the front of the frame, you turn it over and add the hot glue all around the frame and place the screen, fold the edges over it and it will sorta sandwich the screen and securing it.  I used the zebra duck tape to cover the back of the frame and parts of the front as you can see on the picture below.

Now all I had to do is add a hanger and well I went with a red shoe string, I cut a small piece and attached to the back with more of the zebra duck tape. The earring holder is now done and ready to be used.

 Here is the finished project, is simple and very handy. I will be making a much bigger size in the future, but for now this will be a good size to hold the earrings I made for my daughter.

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