Flowers!!! Flores!!!

If there is one thing I like to make is flowers. 

 I've done so many over the years. Three years ago I made about 100 roses out of polymer clay, in different colors and sizes (see above photo) these were used on favors I hand made for my daughter's 15th birthday celebration.  Here are a few photos, that show the favors that included these flowers.  Check them out.

Now I've done jewelry using flowers I made out of  fabric, duck tape, polymer clay, two part epoxy, and so on.  Here are a few photos.

Flower rings made using zippers, beads and wire.

Flower rings made using duck tape and beads

Flower rings and flower key chains using duck tape and beads

 Flower headbands made using duck tape, fabric and beads

Flowers made from soda cans and wire

Flower rings made from two part epoxy and polymer clay

Flowers made from paper to make jewelry like the earrings you see here, I also used chain and crystal beads.


These flowers were made using crepe paper, these are pretty big, I also made some smaller  sizes.

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