So I was introduced to duck tape at a Chicago Craft Social that I attended with my daughter Nicole over a year ago.  As I was busy modpodging a wooden frame with paper my daughter came over to show me a cute purse she made using nothing but duck tape.  I had to give it a try and I did, I make a clutch, I never would have thought about crafting with duck tape and never had seen any other color but the silver one many of us have used to make simple and quick repairs in our home.  Well I've been addicted to duck tape ever since, I have done lots and lots and lots of different projects for over a year now. My kids go to HS and after  I made them each a wallet to carry their lunch money and change, well let's say that a lot of their friends are now using their very own and personalized duck tape wallets, some even have some of my duck tape flower pens too.   I have to say that there is nothing you can't make using duck tape, here are some sample of what I've done, there's lots more you can check over on my FB page here is a link if you want to see what else I've done.

this is a sunglasses holder- I wanted to make a shirt type of holder with a tie! 
Here is one of my favorite rings - a duck tape flower made using the blue denim tape from the duck brand and  in the center I glued a clear crystal bead
Here are some key chain holders!
a special project I made for Charity Wings for CHA's summer show this year in Chicago
Here is one of the wallets I've done

I had to make a case for my ipod, all areas to connect, change, turn on, add head phone or charger are exposed so when I place it in the case, it can stay inside and will protect it, but will not restrict me from using it in any way.

Here are some of my very first duck tape flower pens. 

Oh yes I can make headbands with duck tape too.
so here ares some tiny key chains, I had to make some tiny flowers, added some glue and beads in the center and ready to add to your book bag or purse to show or to hold your keys.

Well, I know there is a lot more I can make using duck tape and I have to say that all I use to cut is Westcott's cutting tools, they are non-stick and work great cutting duck tape.  Hope you like my projects, I love duck tape and how it has challenged me to become more creative, every time I get a new roll, I have to come up with a new idea on how to use it different then everyone else.   Give it a try, stop at a walmart to get some Westcott's non-stick scissors and some duck tape and just have fun, you will be amazed at how much fun it is. 

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