Viva Decor and Glass!!!

I've been working with my +Viva Decor  favorite products all this week, and wanted to share some of the glass items I've done so far, some will be holding candles, so I can't wait to see how these look with the light coming through all the beautiful colors.
In the center I  Mod Podge a  paper napkin that has pretty flowers, I added this to the front and back of the bottle +Mod Podge Rocks  then I let it alone for a very long time cause I was not sure what else to do.  I found out about Crystal Gel from +Viva Decor  and well as soon as it arrived in the mail, I got busy this weekend and here is the final bottle, I added the Crystal Gel all around the napkin, I let it dry for 24 hours and  then I took my 3D stamp paints in purple, pink and the precious metal mother of pearl, buff it all after it was dried, took some of Viva Decors glass effect paint pens and added colors to the flowers and leaves to bring out the pretty flowers from the paper napkin and added a few pearls to the neck of the bottle and well this is it - it looks so much beautiful in real life, this photo is not showing how bright the colors are!

here is a pretty blue violet glass base  I had for a long time, I love the color of the glass already so I didn't want  to cover it up, so I took the glass effect pens and added some purple flowers on a vine these go around the entire glass,  it's stunning.

I used  a very think layer on this glass, and then just took the tip of the paper clip and scribbled all over, let it dry over night and  today all I did was use my inka gold in red, my fingers to apply all over and once done it was dried so I took a clean sponge and buffed it - it is very shiny in person, I did not want to add any other colors, I like the red so I just took the glass effect pen in red and added some all around the glass and made some little pearls at the base and for now it's done.

Now I wanted to make some flowers out of the crystal gel and  I decided  cover the entire glass with crystal gel, then I took some extra gel and made some little piles of gel on top of the almost dried gel so they sorta pop from the glass, then took my paper clip (the tip) and started shaping the little clump of gel into flowers one at a time, there are like six flowers that go all around the glass left it all dry over night and then took my inka gold paint in gold and painted the center of the glass.  I used me 3D paints in pink and purple to color the top and bottom, the flowers are colored with the 3D pink paint and then I took the glass effect pen in purple and went over the edges of the flowers, this came out really pretty, I'm so happy I tried these flowers, they were tricky at first but they really look pretty, cant' wait to add a candle inside to see how the light reflects. 

Crystal gel, ice white pen were used to decorate this set.  Just waiting for some flowers and ribbons to be added.
These two glasses were done all in white, by using the crystal  gel, glass effect pen and ice white pen, and mother of pearl precious metal paint.  However I decided to add some color and well the picture below shows how they look now

This one is still in the works - "Field of Flowers"

Here is my table right now, shows what I'm still working on,  I still have a case full of glass containers.  I guess I will be ordering more products soon.

All the containers you see here are done for now, but I'm thinking on making some tiny paper flower from velum and coloring them to go with the glass items I've done so far and some pretty ribbons, I think the way they are right now, they are pretty but I don't feel they are "complete" I just wanted to share what I've been working on this week.   I love to paint, and I'm really having fun using Viva Decor products.

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