Well I decided to try something new, with prom coming very soon and my daughter having two proms, well we are going to try and embellish her shoes, and she will have some special jewelry done as well.   So we went to buy a new pair of shoes, not for prom but to play around with.  I got some tulip crystals a pair of shoes and well let me show you the photos, this was done last night, they should be dried by now.  At first all I did was add the Tulip crystals on the hills, that was it. 

Today when I looked at the shoes, it seem like it needed something else.  As you can see on the top photo, the shoes have glitter on two straps, but there is one strap that has no glitter, so I decide to change that. 

 I figure the hills needed something more than the crystals, so I decided to go ahead and add some glitter to the areas with no crystals and to the strap that had no glitter.  

 I had to add two coats of the glitter to the straps and below you can see how the hills look after I added the glitter. 

It only took some glitter liner, 3D Crystal Lacquer, and Tulip's white crystals in three different sizes to change the look of these shoes. 
 Now here is a photo of the front of the shoes, you can see all three straps are now sparkly, thanks to Viva Decor Glitter Liner Haematite
 A close up of the strap I covered with Viva Decor's Glitter Liner Haematite

 A close up of the hills that I added Viva Decor Glitter Liner Haematite, talk about glitter and sparkly shoes. Ready for the dance floor!

I will be playing with more shoes, eventually we will find the shoes she wants and by then she will know exactly how she wants them embellished.  I love playing with my crafting materials and making new things, but I also love altering items, like shoes!!!!


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