I am so excited about this product, I was so intimidated to try out etching in my glass projects until now.  Thanks to Barbee the "etchall lady" I received the Etchall® Etching Cream which included a squeegee, etchall etchmask, and a craft knife. 

I love creating all types of craft, but my two favorite things to make are, jewelry and flowers, so I decided to make both.  This product is so simple to use, I know I will be using this from now on, specially since this cream can be re-used over and over again, this I feel is a plus.  

Here is my project, a glass pendant with an etched flower.

  Once I selected the glass piece to use, I drew my flower on paper for perfect fit, then after cutting the etchall etchmask to size, I drew the flower on the back and used the handy craft knife to cut it out. 


When applying your stencil to your piece, make sure to use the squeegee or an old credit card and press over the stencil a few times to prevent any of the cream to go under the edges of your design, this can cause an uneven result.  

I used a wooden stick to add a generous amount of the etching cream on my stencil, you have to make sure to cover your design completely.  

Once the 15 minutes are over, return all the etching cream back in the jar and rinse out what's left with some running water and dry with a cloth.


This is my etched design, a simple little flower  ready to be embellished.  I decided to paint it using some Viva Decor glass effect gel paints, glitter and a Swarovski element.

Here is my Spring Bloom Pendant, just added a silver chain and it's ready to wear.


Etchall® Etching Cream 
etchall etchmask
craft knife
Viva Decor Glass effect gel in yellow and pink
Viva Decor Amber Glitter-liner

Swarovski Crystal Passions®  vitrail maguerite lochrose flower

This was a fun and easy project, hope you feel inspired to give this a try. Please visit the etchall® website for more product information and for more creative ideas. 

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