Cross- Stitching Not Needed!!! Book Marks

I have to admit I wanted to do some cross stitching, but I'm the process of moving my 2 craft rooms into 1 room has been a long one, I thought that organizing the boxes by products would be a good idea, however I got too busy and neglected to label the boxes, so now I have no idea where I have my threads and needles , so I asked myself what would be the next best thing, I looked around and noticed I had all my Viva Decor Pearl and Glitter pens on hand.

This is was so much fun and supper easy, I made several fabric book marks that I had purchased at a garage sale, they already had the lace and pretty flower detail, so it was just a matter of adding something pretty to the fabric.  I took out my Pearl Pens and Glitter Liners from Viva Decor and got busy.  Below are photos of the book marks I finished, I still have some more to make, but for now these will do.  I want to do the stitch work on the others and add some beads and some more Viva Decor paints.

I really liked this color, it makes me think of winter's fresh snow.

 Below notice the perfect half pearls and the full pearls you can make with Viva Decor Pearl Pens, it looks as if I added tiny pearls, but these are made with paint, these pearls dry this way, they don't dry flat like with other products.

I use Viva Decor products in almost every project I make, simply because I love the effect and final result.  I recommend that if you have not tried their products, that you should give them a try.

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