Merry Christmas Plate

First step was to hand draw the images I wanted to cut out from vinyl, 2nd I adhered the cut outs on the glass plate, make sure to press firm on the vinyl around all the edges, use the squeegee, you need to make sure all edges are secured, you don't want any of the etching cream to go under the vinyl for it will ruin your design, once the cream goes on the glass, you don't have time to fix the mistakes, this product works pretty fast, so take your time making sure the vinyl is properly secured.

You need to mask any areas that might accidentally get some of the etching cream. The amount of etching cream you use determines the final etching result, I suggest you use a generous amount.  You need to wait 15 minutes for the etching process to take place, return as much of the etching cream back to its original container to be re-used again later on.  Rinse the rest of the etching cream from the plate, once rinsed, dry it out and remove the vinyl to exposed the etched designs.

Here is the final result, now you can now paint any areas you want, or leave as is, I chose to add lots of color both on the etched areas, and the rest of the plate. 

 Now the fun starts, time to begin painting.
  • I used the green glass gel to color the tree and the leaves, using the yellow glass gel to bring is some dimension to the tree and leaves. 
  • I filled in the berries with the carmine glass gel color and a little of the clear, once dried I used the gold pearl pen to outline the berries.
  • I used the Crystal gel hologram to fill in all the rim of the plate, bring in sparkle to the plate. 
  • The center of the plate has silver mirror paint added on the back, sealed with a coat of the precious metal color in silver. 
  • On the front side of the center of the plate all around the tree I decided to add some Inka gold platinum, the area under the tree was dabbed on to make it look like snow, on the top area I used the Crystal gel transparent over the inka gold platinum, then I added a bit of the light blue pearl pen to make it look like a sky. 
  • I used the Pearl pen in gold and ice white to add pearls to the plate on different areas and took the gold glitter liner to outline the tree and to add sparkle to the edge of the plate.  

This plate was a Christmas decoration on my chimney mantel, with some lights placed behind it, made the colors and sparkle  looked so pretty, can't wait to paint on more glass items for other holidays. 

  • Viva Décor Products used
  1. Glitter liners; holo iridescent, fuchsia
  2. Glass effect gel; green, carmine, yellow and clear
  3. Pearl pen; ice white,gold, light blue
  4. Precious metal color silver
  5. Inka Gold Platinum
  6. Crystal gel; transparent and hologram
  • Glass plate from dollar store
  • Etchall cream, squeegee
  • scissors


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