Broken Heart... No More!!

The other day my daughter came to me all sad, and handed me a tiny heart pendant, it was a gift form one of my sisters, it has a lot of sentimental value.  The back of the heart fell off and the tiny little pink beads that were inside it fell out, she was not able to find the backing or the beads. She loves this necklace so she asked me if I could do something to fix it.

I had been working on some resin projects and had some left over glittered resin it just happened to be big enough to cut out a heart to use as a back for the pendant.    

I took an ink pad and applied to the tiny heart so it would transfer to a piece of white paper so I would be able to cut the heart out in the right size and create a template I could use to cut out a tiny heart of the resin leftover.

I placed the three crystals inside the heart pendant, added a little of the glossy accents to the edge of the heart and placed the little glittered resin heart I cut and placed it on the glossy accents, it dried pretty fast and now my daughter can wear her favorite heart necklace, sure is not the same as before, but she can still wear it and she loves it. 

A simple repair to fix this little broken heart, it was fun and easy.  As I worked on my other project I had all these tiny pieces left of the glittered resin and was about to toss them away, but kept them, so glad I did, because it helped me fix this tiny heart, so next time you craft, keep your leftovers, you just never know when they might come in handy.

Here are two photos of the heart necklace all ready to be worn again.

This is the back of the pendant showing the glittered resin piece used as the new back for this heart
Here is the front of the pendant, you can see the crystals inside and the pretty glittered resin on the back
Materials used:
Glossy Accents
Westcott scissors
Amazing Clear Cast Resin glittered sheet (left over piece)
Three small swarovski crystals in three different pink colors

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