Just for fun!!

I was lucky to win an amazing supply of Smoothfoam products back in December and I want to share a small project, for starters; there will be lots more to come, I promise.

Now here in Indiana, we've had lots of snow this winter, and some weekends we've had to stay indoors and off the roads, this past weekend was one of those for me.  So I got crafty, worked on several projects and well I decided to make something simple to test how some of my favorite products would work on Smoothfoam.

This was my win from the Smoothfoam blog giveaway.

 First, I took some 3D Viva Decor paints and colored the smoothfoam in two colors.  While the paint dried I took my Quick Snippers by LIMIRI, LLC and cut some strips of yellow Rowlux film.

I used my handy Westcott knife to cut slits all the way around in the middle of the smoothfoam deep enough to press the edge of the Rowlux strips into the foam then folding the strips to the top half of the smoothfoam  ball where all the strips were held together with a beaded pin. 

I took some viva decor glitter and added a bit in between all the Rowlux strips to break off the color since my paint and rowlux turned out to be almost the same in color. Now that I was done painting and adding the Rowlux film in place it was time to embellish. I, like many people in Indiana and surrounding states are wishing for Spring, that is why I used the nice bright colors in paint, so I looked for flowers and butterflies to add, but before that, I had to do something to the center of the ball, to cover up where I pushed the Rowlux film since I pushed and bent the film, first choice was ribbon, but decided to go with some of Ranger's metal tape I added some glossy accents to the metal tape to make sure it would stay in place. 

Finding the perfect dimensional flowers and butterflies, I used glossy accents on these embellishments too, I wanted to make sure they would not fall off.  To finish this project I took a little bit of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and added to the flowers and butterflies to make them look as if they had a glossy finish, some what like glass.
Adding Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the paper embellishments makes them look prettier as if they were made of glass and not paper.
This is a very simple project and is my very first smoothfoam project, I say the fun is just beginning, I need to play around using some of my most favorite materials in crafting.  Till next time,we'll see what I use next to decorate all my fun smoothfoam goodies. Thinking some ribbons, fabric, duck tape, clay, etc..... 

Here is a top view of the smoothfoam ball with a ribbon added as hanger.

This post is not sponsored by any company, but I will add the links to their sites because I like to share products that I tried and liked, so here are the links to the companies for the products I used on this project

smoothfoam ball  http://www.smoothfoam.com/
amazing clear cast resin  http://www.moldputty.com/
Quick Snippers  http://www.quicksnippers.com/
3D stamp and glitter paint pens  http://www.viva-decor.us/
Glossy accents and metal tape  http://rangerink.com/

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