Hi there, just wanted to share a project a friend asked me if I could make for her. It was inspired by a Martha Stewart video from the HALLMARK SPECIALS, SEASON -1 EPISODE SP0092 . 

My friend Rose has a Halloween party every year, she goes all out, decorating her basement and turning it into a haunted dungeon. A haunted house monster mouth entrance was needed and this video idea was perfect.

I had a friend make the wood frame, it was a perfect fit, went over the door frame.

Here is a list of materials I used:

Plastic bucket
4 Elmer's school glue
Aleene's original tacky glue
Mod Podge fabric glue
Tulip's soft fabric paint - black, yellow, orange, red
Tulip's neon spray paints - green, orange
Tulip 3D fashion paints, glow-in-the-dark all colors used
One set of brown bed sheets
Creepy cloth - black
Wood frame
Staple gun/staples
Ad tech mini glue gun
Ad tech neon mini glue sticks
Painter's paint brush (4")& mixing stick
Westcott's non-stick scissors
Black Sharpie

After the frame was assembled, we placed the flat bed sheet over the frame and pulled on back and stapled all around the frame, cutting off all excess and making sure the fabric was pulled tight.  The other sheet was cut into strips.

Once we had all the fabric strips and the frame covered with the fabric, it was time to get our hands dirty, well we used disposable gloves, but it was time to start having fun.

Now I didn't really measured anything, I poured some water into the plastic bucket and they I poured all the bottles of glue, mixed the water and glue, then I added the fabric paints, one by one, I added all the yellow, then in small amounts I added orange and red, once mixed I added a little of black, we were trying to get an army green, and it worked, the color was perfect.  You could see speckles of the colors we used.

I took my black sharpie and traced the eyes and the mouth opening on the fabric, we used a paint brush to add the glue and paint mixture to the fabric, then began placing the wet strips around the eyes and the mouth, my daughter and my friend worked on this step along with me, it was a lot of fun, between the three of us it took about two hours to finish placing all the strips on the fabric.  I thought it would be nice to add a bit of more color, so we all added some of the red, and black fabric paints to our gloves, and just dabbed the paint in scattered areas, this gave the piece a lot more dimension and character. 

I thought it would be best to not cut off the eyes and the mount until the glue was totally dry, to prevent it loosing it's shape.

Here are some of the photos from the beginning of this fun project.

Nicole and Rose, holding the monster, all fabric in place
As the girls raised the frame so I could take a photo we noticed how cool the wet mixture was running down on the mouth part we would later cut, it look like teeth to me.  

Here you can see the piece, as we placed it down over plastic on the grass so it would dry fast with the help of the sun.

A few days later we got together to finish the monster, it was late, dark and raining so we worked inside the garage.  It was time to cut out the mouth and my friend Rose thought why not cut it in strips, in the video the strips were hung behind the monster frame, her idea would give the same result, without having to use more fabric.  We cut the strips and left them hanging from the top part of the moth only.

Rose added glow in the dark fabric paint from @Tulip to the strips on the mouth and later we added some around the edge of the mouth as well.

Nicole helped me cut off the fabric from inside the eyes and hot glue some black creepy cloth, we first sprayed the creepy cloth with some fabric neon paint and then added lots of glow in the dark paint on the outside of the eyes, and inside to make them really look like monster eyes.

On these photos you can see the finished door frame, placed and ready for people to be eaten!!!! 

I see a creature trying to escape
The creature failed to escape and was swallowed!!!!
My friend loved her new Halloween decoration and it was a huge hit at her party last weekend. Everyone loved it, now we are trying to think on what we can do next year, using the same frame.  She will be able to remove the staples and use this monster over her front door next year. 

All material were purchased by me, this is not a sponsored post.


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