Craft Fail? I think Not...............

Hi there, today I want to bring you a project that almost wasn't. The photo below shows my headless resin doll.
New resin piece created with Amazing Clear Cast Resin
I have to admit I was going to just toss it away, I can see the face, but the top of the head is missing.  I put it aside for a while and one day as I sat in my office, I took out a pink highlighter and colored the back side of the resin doll and I liked how the pink on the back made it look as if the entire doll was pink.  I have a lot of hand made flowers in my office, made from all types of materials, including recycled shopping bags, foil, magazine pages, brown paper bags, etc.   So an idea came to me right there and then.

I thought what if I could create the illusion of a hat by adding flowers to the top of the head.  I made a tiny flower out of a piece of kleenex tissue and rolled a paper flower from a magazine page, I have some Christmas decorations in my office and cut a little red cherry, thought these three items would make a nice hat for my little resin doll.  The photo below shows all the items I made and recycled into this project.

Bellow I share two photos, the before and the after, that pink highlighter applied to the back really created the illusion that the resin was colored pink before making this piece. 


I felt she needed something to sit on, so I took this old plastic compact I've had for a while and removed the round mirror, I glued a piece of pink lace ribbon, I tore up a few tiny pieces of paper from a magazine and glued them on the mirror piece, then I glued my resin doll over the pieces of paper.  I glued a couple of metal buttons I had on hand, yes I do hold on to a lot of stuff, for I love to use recycled materials in my crafting as much as possible, here you see an old light bulb, this came from my car's turn signal light, I kept it and I think it's the perfect piece to finish my mixed media doll. 

She now sits on my desk, reminding me that sometimes things don't turn out right, but you can always find a way to make it right!

I hope that I have inspired to look at all those "craft fails" and find a way to make them work, I do believe that when it comes to "art" there are no mistakes, only new directions, new possibilities, new ideas.


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