Blessing Filled Little Glass Jars!

I went to an estate sale last summer and they were about to end it, I just happened to be coming from Panera, I had to make a coffee run mid day.  I looked around and found a tray full of these small glass bottles, they all had a piece of masking tape on the lids, that looked very old.  There had to be about 20 jars, I asked how much for all, and well I believed I paid like $2.00 for all of them.  I figured I would be able to make fun designs on them.

First step, adding the vinyl letter where you want them to be, here you can see one bottle has the word"Joy" on one side, the other two I placed letters on all sides, one spells out the word "Peace", the other "Noel", once I had all the letters placed, I added masking tape to the areas I didn't want to etch.

Here you can see the glass bottle inside the plastic cup, I added the liquid after to make sure there was enough  etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid without going up over the masking tape, I didn't want the neck etched.

 Waiting for 15 minutes for each bottle, I made one at a time, and instead of rinsing each as they came out I waited until all three were etched, then I took them to the sink and rinsed them out with warm water, dried them and waited to remove all the masking tape and letters off each bottle.

Here you can see how each bottle looked after I removed them from the plastic cup and etching liquid.

Here you have all the bottles, rinsed and dried, you can see how pretty the frosted look on the glass already looks.  Now to remove all the masking tape and letters and see how it all turned out.

And here they are, all tape and letters removed, each bottle was done differently.  There is one bottle I etched but didn't include on this set, it has the word "Love" and it will be part of another set for the near future. 

Now lets get some paints, ribbon and finish these little bottles. Did I mentioned that our family celebrates the "Three King's Day" on January 6th every year? well back in Mexico when I lived there as a little kid we didn't get gifts on Christmas day, that day was only to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, we got our presents on January 6th, and we've tried to share this with our kids, so I need to make a few more holiday gifts for our family since we still have one more holiday coming very soon, this will be a gift for someone to display for next year.   So it's time for me to bring out my paints and finish up these cute little bottles.

Here are the finished bottles, really loved how cute these came out and can't wait to transform all the other bottles for different holidays, or just add a simple message on them.  just enough color so you can still see the areas not etched, and the pretty frosted look on the glass.

A little closed up of the little bottles, here you see the bottle that has the word JOY on one side, I added two different flowers on each side of the word and little polka dots inside the letters. 

Here are other close ups from the other bottles, the first one is from the PEACE bottle, this is the front and back, the back completely frosted, then next are close ups of the JOY and NOEL bottles.

 Go check out Etchall's website for more information on their products and to see all the great projects for inspiration.


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