DIY Holiday Decorating - Noel!

Hi there, I've had several glass blocks at home and had wondered how to decorate them for the holidays, finally I decorated one for my office.  I decided to paint some poinsettias and add the word Noel.

It was a very simple and easy project and looked so pretty right along my other etched items I made for my office.

You can add lights or battery type candles inside the glass block .  I just wrapped a pretty red wired ribbon and some gold ornaments to the top of the block and it was ready for display.

Materials used:
etchall site - Etchall cream, designer tip/bottle

Viva Decor Glass effect paints
Glass block
Red wire ribbon
Gold ornaments
Glitter glue

First thing I did was place my image on the inside of the glass block.

Second, I took my designer tip and added the etchall cream on all the areas I wanted to etch., as you can see on the photo below, some of the flower petals and leaves were only traced with the etching cream, but left alone so I can add color to these areas.

Once I was done with the etching cream, I waited ten minutes for the etching to process, I then rinsed it with warm water and as you can see below, all the etching is done.  Now time to add some color to this glass block.

I used Viva Decor's glass effect gel pens in different colors, the candles are white, I use a crystal gel effect paint to make the etched areas stand out. The following photos show closeups of the finished piece. I like the glitter glue I added to the front edges of the block. It needed some sparkle.

Here you can see the finished and decorated glass block, adding some red wired ribbon and gold ornaments on the top of the block, I added some tiny white lights to show how it looks this way.  At the office since my light is always on, I decided to remove the lights and display it without them.

Here is the finished glass block, sitting in my office, it will be going home for New Years so it will once again have pretty lights inside and sit right under my tree for our New Year's party.

I love working with Etchall products specially on glass, it makes painting on glass so much easier, If you are new to this products and have questions as to what it is about, and how to use it and on what, let me share their FAQ's link here for you to find out about this company and their products.  FAQs-Etchall

To all have a wonderful happy New Year 2016.


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