Don't Be A Grinch!!!Have A Very Merry Christmas!

I made a couple of small painting of the Grinch holding a holiday ornament, I've seen this image on the Internet and decided to paint it.  I had a small mirror and decided to go ahead and paint the same image on it but I didn't want it to be shiny, I wanted a frosted look.
This is the size of the mirror I used for this project
I had a sheet of tiny star stickers so I removed a few stars and took the sheet and placed it over one corner of the mirror, I wanted the stars to be frosted too but I wanted a bit of the shiny mirror to remain.  The photo below shows the film I placed on a corner, I started to add the etching cream carefully making sure not to get any under the film, I wanted that area to remain shiny. 

Next I took the etching cream from Etchall to cover the entire mirror and used the etchall squeegee to spread out the cream, this tiny tool is the best way to apply the cream.  I left the etching cream on the mirror for 15 minutes as directed, after the time is up you can remove as much of the cream as possible using the squeegee and return it back into the jar, this product is reusable.  

Next rinse under running water until all the  cream left is removed, I dried it and removed the piece of paper I had on the corner and as a result I had a pretty frosted glass with a few tiny frosted stars.

Next it was time to paint on the frosted glass.  I have a few glass effect gel paints from Viva Decor and they were the perfect colors to paint my Grinch image. 
Here you can see the frosted effect on the mirror, the glass effect gel paints, on the upper right hand corner you can see the tiny stars and a bit of the mirror shows, I wanted to take  a photo outdoors, where you can really see how shiny this piece still is but without much of the mirror effect.

I really liked how this image turned out, I didn't want to have the black background as on the mini canvas, I took some silver paint and added some around the sphere, then some on the top part of the glass, by brushing it, it gave a bit of a clear mirror effect, then I brushed a heavy application of the same silver paint on one side of the mirror, and it created a different effect, it was fun creating with these fun products. 

Just for fun here is a photo of the mini canvas showing the same image, but with a black background.  Both are nice and different. 

This etchall® etching crème is a fun product that gives a white opaque permanent etched finish on mirror, glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate, giving you the opportunity to be able to paint an image or to etch it. 

You can click on this link Etchall to go see all the fun products they carry so you too can give etching a try, trust me it can be addictive and fun.


Products used:
Etchall Etching Creme
Etchall Squeegee

Viva Decor
Glass effect gel paints in green, white and carmine
Pearl Pen paints in dark green, silver and black

ArtMinds mirror 5.8" X 5.8"


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