Beer!! No way, I'm a Wine Mug!!!

Hi there, for my first project of 2016, I decided to make a special wine mug for myself after a craft fail. 

I had misplaced my etchall® etching crème, so I used the etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid to etch a name on a beer mug for my daughter, she was going to give it to her boyfriend's dad as a Christmas gift, I tried to etch only the center of the mug where the name was supposed to go, so I used a lot of masking tape to tape everything else, as you can see below.  However I didn't have enough of the etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid to cover the name, so I tried different containers and moved it around this way and that trying to only etch the area of the name, well, the name etched really good, however I guess with all the dipping I had to do, the masking tape was not strong enough to keep the etching liquid from getting onto the rest of the mug, so let's just say it didn't look good, not to be given as a gift, so I put it aside and tried it again, with another mug, I placed the name at the bottom, and yes the second time it came out good, and I'm sorry I didn't take a photo but heard it was well received and he loved it.  

Below you can see what I did, the name was still too high, I had a 4 oz and a 16oz bottle I didn't think mixing these would be a good idea, so I only used the 16 oz bottle of etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid  but it wasn't enough for this size of project. Good thing this product is re-usable and it only takes 15 minutes to etch, so for me it took about an hour, I have to get a few more bottles for when I want to etch an item this big or bigger completely.  Go here to find out more about how to use this product etchall dip-n-etch .

Now I was left with a mug that didn't look good, so I used the etchall® Dip ‘n Etch liquid to cover the entire mug inside and out, since I didn't have enough liquid I had to get a container big enough to place the mug on it's side, and just turn it over until all of it was etched inside and out, it took a very long time, but it was worth it, I ended up with a completely frosted mug, you could still see the etched name if you stared really close.   I etched the inside first, then I removed all the masking tape and etched the outside all the way. 

Now, I don't drink much, and I don't care for beer, but I don't mind a glass of good wine some times. Since we were having New Year's eve at my home I decided to go ahead and make me a mug for wine.

I placed some vinyl letter on the etched glass mug that read "Cheers to 2016", as you can see on the photo below.

I took some Pebeo Vitrail paints in Crimson and Lemon and used a sponge brush to add color where the letters were placed. 

 I removed the letters and numbers, and I was left with a frosted and colorful wine mug. 

Craft fails sometimes have happy endings, So "cheers" to all, time to welcome a New Year, a better year.  

Time for new beginnings, new starts and for me, to continue crafting, working and eating healthy. 


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