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Hi there, today I want to share a project created for the monthly hop with Designer Craft Connection it's a small photo album I created to carry a few family photos with me.  I had this little canvas book and decided to play with some paints and a new product for me.  I've never used a gel press plate.  I received one from Gel Press and I used it to create backgrounds for this little 4 1/2' X 7"photo album.

This Gel Press plate is not "gelatin", this plate is super durable and reusable, it's easy to clean and you can use the package as storage when not in use.

This plate is so easy to use, when you remove it from the package make sure to remove the clear film from the block before use.

It can't get any easier, once the film is removed, you can begin to add your paint.

Start adding your paints in any pattern, you can also use a brayer to roll the paints into a thin layer of paint, you can also create texture with anything from stencils, textured paper towels, etc
Once you are done creating patters on your plate, place your paper or fabric over the paint, use your hand or a clean brayer to rub the paper/fabric in order to transfer the paint.

Once done, gently remove the paper/fabric and you will have a beautiful print.

Clean the plate with water and continue making more prints, here are photos of the rest of the prints I made for my photo album

Here I used a textured paper towel to remove some paint and add the pattern to the plate. I ended up with a fun print on my paper towel to use later on in a different project.

Here is another print made. 

 Here is the final project, a nice and colorful photo album I can add photos and messages about my family and either carry in my purse or display in my office.

This is the front cover

 Here you can see the back and front covers, these are the only pages made from canvas

 Here is a quick look at the inside pages, the white pages are vellum, and the others are just black card stock used. I can't wait to add more photos and some inspirational quotes for my family to enjoy.

This was a first time experience using a gel press plate and I can't wait to use it again and again, it makes playing with paint a lot more fun.

This is a sponsored post, Gel Press provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.

Materials used:

Gel Press Plate 5" X 7"
Acrylic paints
Canvas/cardboard album
Vellum paper
Dimensional Magic, silver glitter by Mod Podge-Plaid

Press your paper on the gel plate- lift the print and Voila! Creating a masterpiece is easy. 

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