Hi there, since March is National Craft Month I would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate creativity with a blog hop for etchall®. If you are not familiar with etchall products, let me know a little bit; their etching products are reusable, yes you heard it right, reusable, these are available as a crème and as a liquid.

These products allow you to etch not only glass but also ceramic and slate. These products are not only amazing but very easy to use, they are perfect for creating home decor projects, jewelry, holiday gifts and my favorite you can recycle/reuse items by giving them a new look a new use instead of throwing them away. The etching is permanent.

Make sure to start the blog hop back over at DCC blog to see everyone's etched projects.

Today I want to share with you some of the many different ways that I've had fun playing with these etching products. Below I share with you some of my favorite projects. I hope you like them.

A fun monogram etched recycled glass bottle using Etchall's etching cream.


I wanted to make some fun Day of the dead jewelry for one of my sisters, and decided to frost some of the clear beads I wanted to use, to add a bit of drama to this one of a kind jewelry set, by the way the skulls are all hand painted by me.  For this project I used Etchall's Dip 'n Etch liquid. 

After dipping the clear beads in the etching liquid for 15 minutes, rinsed and they were ready for stringing, oh yes I left the eye pins in the beads as they etched.

Next putting together a nice necklace and earrings to be gifted. It was fun using my hand painted resin skulls along with the black, clear and etched beads. 

Christmas time, I wanted to make something for my desk at the office and I wanted to try etching on mirror so below are two fun projects I made.

The first one, is just a simple project I covered the entire mirror with small star stickers, then covered with the etching cream, 15 minutes later I rinsed the cream off, removed the stickers and I was left with a pretty frosted mirror full of small stars, perfect to place my little plant over it.  Here is the finished project. 

For this project I covered the entire mirror with etching cream as you can see below, I wanted to paint on the mirror and the etching will allow me to use any paints I choose.  

 After 15 minutes the etching was done, I rinsed and dried the mirror, it was ready for painting.   I ended up using glossy glass paints simply because I loved how shiny they looked against the frostiness of the mirror.  This Grinch etched mirror looks very pretty against my pretty plant. 

Now, I've done a lot of etching projects, these are just some of them, I loved every single one, but I have to admit this lamp was my favorite from all so far.  Etching can be addictive, it allows you to transform ordinary objects into canvases for creative ideas.  Here is another recycled glass bottle I used to make an adorable table lamp.

Here I used an empty Lysol container, my recycled glass bottle that has been covered with etchall's etchmask vinyl that I cut into strips to represent trees.  The empty Lysol container was the perfect size to add the etching liquid to etch my glass bottle. 

Here you can see the bottle sitting in the etching liquid, 15 minutes later, the etching was done, time to rinse the bottle. 

Here you can see once the bottle was rinsed and dried, the peeling of the etchmask vinyl shows off the perfect etching, I loved how the clear glass was just what I wanted.

Here is my perfectly etched glass bottle, now  it's time to paint and make this bottle look like a forest.

Here is my finished glass bottle, the bottom part of my table lamp, I have to do this again.  just loved how the etching and paint gave this simple glass bottle a completely new look and use.

Here is a close up 

I had to add flowers to the lamp shade, this project represents summer and all it's glory.   Had to add some butterflies and paper flowers to add dimension to this project.   I thought this would be nice for a little girls room so I gave this to my little niece, she was just one when I gave this to her for her room. My sister-in-law loved it.

I hoped you like my projects and that I have inspired you to give these products a try, you will find everything you need to start etching,

The lamp kit and the etching products are available from Etchall

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